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Well,the weekend went ok - without that big a disaster. Having said that one of the twins had to go to hopsital, and the oven stopped working so we couldnt cook christmas dinner! And the girls were left waiting for lunch until 4 in the afternoon. They were very good though. I had a good time. I dont know if Im getting my licence or not. I cant think of anything major that went wrong, and I kept all of my accounts properly and everything......but....

Now I can concentrate on going home! Ive not had a chance to look forward to xmas yet tho - and now im counting down the days till I do go home. which means I shall probably have all of three hours to actually get excited about christmas. Yesterday was good tho - we had our house xmas dinner, and when we all got in we all exchanged presents. I dont normally open presents before the day but it was as if we were having our own xmas day and so it felt right. I got monkeys and winnie the pooh stuff...and a guitar. Its purple and shiny!!

Tomorrow Im doing xmassy stuff with Eavann - its going to involve my cooking....and we are going to watch Love Actually. We decided its a christmassy film and needs to be watched. The afternoon/evening may involve drinks too...then im working thursday, friday and saturday. Yay!!!

Im actually really tired. And need to lose weight. Its a cliche I know, but thats my new years resolution. Am feeling a bit too frumpy these days.....

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Last time I saw you, you were a fairly thin sort of person, unless you've put on a lot of weight since then I don't see you needing to lose any. :S


glad the weekend didnt go to badly. Have a great xmas, see ya sometime soon!!

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