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Am i a good girlfriend/housemate, or not? Steven and James went out last night, and I had a quiet night in, watching films, reading etc. It got to about 1 o clock, and they had decided to leave where they were...only to realise both were quite drunk. James couldnt even walk straight, and Steven was having trouble preventing James from hitting things etc etc.

So me being me, wanting to make sure that they were home safely, went to meet them. I ran to Westgate in 10 minutes, and found them. James was in the road, and Steven was carrying a traffic cone. It was rather a sight. I proceeded to drag James out of the road, and we began to walk home. He wanted to hit signs and lamp posts all the time, and Steven was wandering off with his traffic cone. (I swear we had a thing about traffic cones when we were at college but I can not remember what, or why? Wendy? Gemma?)

James thought the road looked quite comfortable to lie down in, but I managed to prevent him from doing so. Anyway, it was a very slow walk home. Steven refused to put the traffic cone down, and further on our way, we had a police car stop. It drove past us, and then reversed at high speed, wound down the window, and told us "not to be silly". I bet they never do anything silly when they are drunk! Anyway, I got them home. It took about an hour!! Various other things happened. Once we were nearing home, Steven's alcohol content began to kick in, so I had to escort him as well. I thought he was going to fall down a large slope at one point. So there was me, almost carrying the pair of them. I got bashed over the head by the traffic cone, as Steven still wouldnt put it down!

Once we got home, it was somewhere about 2 o clock. They went to bed, or fell unconscious. But James had said that they had lost Sam, and I knew that he didnt have his phone, so I text Becky explaining that the boys had left over an hour and a half ago, and I had no idea if Sam had left with them. Sam wasnt home yet, so instead of safely checking up on Sam, I had worried Becky. Needless to say, we kept in contact - she went out to find him, and it turned out that he had only just left with the other guys that were there! I feel a bit mean for worrying her, but I was worried about Sam, knowing what the boys were like. And they had said that he had left with them...

So, I finally went to bed about 3.30/4 o clock. So much for a quiet night in!!

But, It also got me to the hell do we get home when we are all drunk?

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I dont remember anything specific about cones. i do remember alan once stealing a 'caution wet floor sign' and carrying it off in his bag. :S

Also its better to be safe than sorry, being worried for a short while is much better than doing nothing and finding out your partner is in hospital the next morning.

boys are silly!
But i know how agravating it can be when people are trying to do studenty things like nicking traffic cones and you dont want to be stuck with them when they get stopped by the police!!

There was a lot of drawing of traffic cones, and triangles on heads - pointing hands in shape of a triangle on top of the head, but I cant remember why...

Probably something thought up on the bus in the morning. Like the karaoke bus.....This was doing studenty things without alcohol!

We have several cones, traffic signs and a sainsburys trolley in our back garden. Enough said on the studenty things..hehe

(Deleted comment)
But what the hell did it mean? lol.

I knew the karaoke bus was you. We all really were entirely random werent we?

Hope you are well!

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