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Im slowing down...I have been working since 9.00 and now seem to be suffering a writers block on all of my essays. Grr, I hate this. Not sure where to go from here.

Con and Ad - the essay is only about halfway done. Still waiting on a book from the library.
Obs2 is sort of finished - it just needs A LOT of reshaping etc etc.
Psychology - I made a pretty good start on this morning.

Now my brain has just stopped. And is processing a load of other thoughts instead.

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he he he if this makes you feel better!
Property Law- DONE!!!
European Law- done but needs lots of reshaping and sources
Obs 2- done but needs lots of reshaping and sources
DGA- needs to be finished and another source worked in
Equity and Trusts- needs to be finished and waiting for boooks!
Dissertation- need another 6000 words and its finished!!!

see your not the only one! relax! have the afternoon off, sleep, watch friends- come over to mine and watch dvds with me!stop worrying clairey you can do it

amy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

he he he (not actually intentional!) he he he

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