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I got called a "Fat F**K" whilst out running just now.

And now I feel sick

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From what I remember of you, that's just ridiculous. Don't feel bad, it's them at fault, not you.

well you arent.
and whats the bet that whoever said it never did 5 mins worth of excersize in their life.

CLAIRE YOU ARE NOT FAT, YOU ARE NOT FAT IN THE SLIGHTEST, THE PERSON WHO YELLED AT YOU OBVIOUSLY WAS AND IS VERY SAD AND JEALOUS, YOU ARE NOT FAT, hope you feel better soon, get steve to look after you and snuggle you up in bed with ice cream and a dvd, DO NOT REVISE RELAX AND YOU ARE NOT FAT


Stop shouting...I have a migraine....

Lol. Thank you. Snuggling up in bed sounds really nice right now!

I was going to revise, but I think after seeing your comment I shall stop now.

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