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Im loving my tongue piercing!!

Cant wait to try it out properly! Hehe.

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Ooh watch u dont swallow the ball! Get it done at the belly bar?

Why on earth would i swallow the ball? lol. Yeah I did get it done at the belly bar. And my friend and I found this amazing vibrating tongue bar online earlier. One without batteries ;-) When he comes back in three months Im going to get it!!

Dont have a The Sweetest Thing, style moment. Several people ive known with tongue piercings have lost the ball from the top whilst eating. Goth claire said she thought she'd swallowed hers when we were in supernoodles once!

Ahh the Sweetest 18th birthday, lol. I wont do it will be fine! And the ball is small so I dont think id die if i swallowed it....but i always make sure all my balls are on tight! Had too many mishaps with my belly!

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